Bhaskar Pr. Banerjee

Consultant - Virtualization - Networking - VDI - OpenSource
IPPBX - Virtual NVR - Firewall - Load Balancing


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After a healthy presence in corporate India I started my Consulting Services.  My passion for technology is prevalent in virtually everything I do. Since 2002, I am involved in open source software, Virtualization, Network, PFSense, Untangle and Linux Operation Systems. Presently I am involved in many project related to Virtual Network, SDN, XCP-NG, VMware projects.

I am presently dealing with Network, and Wireless, Virtualization, VDI, VoIP, Virtual NVR, Open Source technologies. I am here to assist you with your technology needs. The solutions that I design and implement come from over 20 years of best practice experience in system architecture, network engineering, and project management.

  Process is Designed to Ease Your Mind


I will listen to your business needs and design a solution that fits your requirements and your budget. A proposal is created listing key milestones, timeline, and pricing and future requirement


I remain available for future changes, support, maintenance, and questions. My solutions are designed to be bulletproof in both security and reliability and future trend and changes in technology


I will ensure the project is on track and meeting established milestones. Post implementation, I will test the solution thoroughly prior to go-live and  always look for security first policy on every step of project deployment

Used Case

Snipe IT, ERP Next, Odoo, Invoice Ninja, Zimbra, iRedMail, ISPConfig 3, Port 25, Cacti, TIG Stack, Reverse Proxy, NGINX as Load Balancer, Varnish Cache, NetData, xcp-ng, Untangle, Zentyal, UCS Corporate Server, Tunnel VPN etc.





India, Kolkata, Puducherry


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